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One perfectly eccentric accommodation in Switzerland: Maison Bergdorf

Dernière mise à jour : 19 mars

I love my “Wanderlust by design” series because it makes you travel in style from the comfort of your own sofa but also because it allows me to share with you my passion for boutique hotels and beautiful interiors! Speaking of which, this time, I’ve got one perfectly eccentric accommodation in Switzerland for you!

  • Where did I stay?

Welcome to the most perfectly eccentric accommodation I ever stayed in: Maison Bergdorf! As soon as I entered the building, I was blown away! I loved every corner of this boutique hotel!

  • Why stay in this hotel?

Maison Bergdorf is a large chalet built in 1897, recently renovated and furnished with an eclectic mix of antique, modern and contemporary furniture as well as artwork.​​ This tasteful association of styles should be reason enough to stay in this hotel. However, if you need more convincing, I can share five more reasons:

  1. The hostess. Bea makes you feel welcome as soon as you step into the chalet. She has this natural warm vibe of people working in the boutique tourism industry, which makes you feel at home even when far away from yours.

  2. The seven tastefully decorated bedrooms. Hence, my favourite room was my bedroom. It embodied the warm and colourful vibe of Maison Bergdorf: walls lined with an out-fashioned yet somehow perfectly adequate pink flower tapestry. A mix of vintage furniture and ethnic décor objects. A tiny shower room covered in baby blue metro tiles.

3. The bold and colourful decor sprinkled throughout the common living areas. Maison Bergdorf is one of these new “eccentric” boutique hotels where more is more, and each space available participates in a storytelling on design. As a result, the common living areas are exquisitely decorated, with antique objects, high-end design pieces, bold colours, print and patterns.

4. The small design boutique. Indeed, it’s part of the growing trend of hotels hosting their own design shop where guests shop their look. Loving the bed throw in your room? Buy it at their boutique!

5. The lovely outdoor terrace facing the glorious Swiss Alps. How delightful would it be to have your breakfast or evening drinks served on this leafy terrace surrounded by the sound of alpine crickets and cow bells?

I can only recommend booking your next stay at Maison Bergdorf! Hence, if you end up staying there, I would love to know your impressions! And if you need further recommendations or if you’ve questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch either here on my blog or on my Instagram. Exx


I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. Maison Bergdorf did not pay me to write about my experience with them. All opinions are solely mine.

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