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Why is Bali an incredible design travel destination?

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Magical sunsets, scenic countryside, holistic vibes are enough reasons to visit Bali, but, there is so much more to discover…

The Indonesian island of Bali is also an incredible design travel destination! From traditional temples to stylish villas and cute homeware boutiques, the island is a candy-shop for interior design lovers.

Although we are all currently on a global travel ban, and in the spirit of armchair escapism, let me take you to the “Island of Gods” and share the three gorgeous places I stayed at while exploring Bali.


1.The Chillhouse

The Chillhouse is a very pretty and holistic surfing lodge in Canggu. It was created by a couple of adorable Austrians who fell in love with Bali’s spiritual vibe.

Picture of a white round hotel sign post
Picture of an outdoor boho living room with rattan furniture, one pink wall and one pink wall

As soon as you enter the lodge, you feel at home. The entire hotel has a very peaceful atmosphere.

The lodge is made of several small two-storey houses, scattered around a lush exotic garden. In each house, the owners created a boho-chic decor: Rattan furniture, pastel colours and bold prints.

Picture of a single bed under a white mosquito gaze and with a blue bed throw and a rattan cushion

Picture of two small separate coffee tables, two wooden chairs, lots of grey cushions and three suspended succulents

Picture of an outdoor boho living room with rattan furniture, one pink wall and one pink wall

And if you want to freshen up or get your daily dose of exercise, there are two small and pretty pools as well as a yoga area.

Picture of a large pool surrounded by a yellow and turquoise wall as well as charcoal coloured sunchairs

Picture of a stone elefant wearing an orange flower necklace

Picture of small pool surrounded by one pink wall and an outdoor white dining room

2.Lalaland Villa

Lalaland Villa aka my dream villa nestled in the middle of Bali’s vibrant jungle. This 5-bedroom house is every design lover’s fantasy.

Picture of a large living room with white furniture and blod coloured art pieces

To start with, its architecture is a perfect blend of traditional Balinese style and sleek modernity. Then, the interior decor of the villa: a combination of quirky and sophisticated, of old meets contemporary.

Picture of a very wide bedroom made of wood and waked concrete and with a bed in the middle and a large red and grey photography above the bed
Picture of a bathroom made of waxed concrete, one large mirror and italian tiles

Add to this cool decor, bold colours, patterned fabrics and funky art pieces spread around each room, and you’ve your design heaven.

Picture of an outdoor metallic apple green dining table with rainbow coloured food on it

And let’s speak about the garden and the two pools. I especially loved the smaller pool, located at the rear of the villa, surrounded by bright pink walls. Very Frida Kahlo.

Picture of a lush green small garden with a hot pink wall and a waxed concrete bench with light blue cushions on the bench

Photo of a stylish and luxurious home interior: crisp white sofas with zebra and palm tree printed cushions, surrounded by large wooden panels

3.Astari Villa

The last place I stayed at, while in Bali, was in the Uluwatu pensinsula. This area has a more upscale vibe than Canggu or Ubud. Many of Bali’s high-end hotels, such as the Four Seasons, are in Uluwatu.

Astari Villa is actually part of a medium-sized boutique hotel, including a two-storey residence and several private villas.

Picture of a lush green garden with a small rectangular pool and three teck wood sunchairs

This Villa leans more towards traditional Balinese architectural style, with two large bedrooms parted in the middle by an outdoor kitchen/living-room area and a small swimming pool in front of it.

Astari is more discrete and less quirky than my two other accommodations. My favourite feature were the outdoor communal area. Think neutral shades, warm teak wood, rattan and waxed concrete.


So, if you’re a both a passionate about travelling and a design lover, you have to add Bali to your bucket list. You even have interior design and homeware shopping tours organised! Next time I’ll go, I’ll make sure to have enough time to explore all the cute decor and furniture shops!

Do you have a favourite design travel destination?


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