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The ideal packing list for women travelling to Morocco

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Planning an upcoming trip to Morocco? Lucky for you, I’ve created the ultimate Morocco packing list for all you girls!

While Morocco is a very Instagram-able country, this isn’t your usual crop top-and-bikini destination. Having explored this country with a girlfriend, I know first-hand what you’ll want to pack for your trip.

Check out my packing list below!

Old male shopkeeper installing the leather bags his sells directly on the street

While I originally created this packing list for my Pangea Dreams family – as they’re planning a photography and content creation tour in Morocco next April – it applies for any trip to Morocco!


When travelling to Morocco, keep in mind that it is a conservative country. You can’t walk around the streets dressed in mini denim shorts and a crop top. However, this doesn’t mean you need to cover up from head to toe. The keyword for the perfect Moroccan suitcase is BALANCE!

Think long flowy dresses and skirts, hippy-chic kimonos and kaftans and silky wide-leg trousers. Super feminine fashion items, not revealing too much while enabling you to feel at ease under Morocco’s scorching heat.

I’d also advise you to pack a shawl or a pashmina, very handy to cover your shoulders or legs when visiting Mosques!

Another essential when exploring Morocco: jumpers! Being a desert country, the temperatures go from burning during the day to chilly at night, especially in the desert.

Young blonde woman walking in lush green gardens and towards a bright blue house


If swimsuits are non-negotiable for you, I’d advise you to pack an elegant one-piece. A bikini might be considered inappropriate by locals.


This is where you can get crazy when in Morocco! Pack hats, bags, sunglasses, headbands, scarves and all kinds of jewellery!

I, for example, love statement jewellery! These pieces allow me to accessorize my outfits and make them pop!

Playing around with accessories, you’ll be able to create the perfect glamorous look for all kinds of outings.


Shoes are also another great way to add a “little something more” to your outfit when in Morocco.

On your trip, you’ll visit a wide variety of places, from cities to deserts.

Internal courtyard of a traditional Moroccan building made of sand-coloured stone, mosaics and a waterbasin

I’d advise bringing at least three pairs:

  1. Sneakers A classic! Allowing you to explore both the narrow streets of Marrakech’s souk and the Atlas desert without getting your feet too dirty

  2. Sandals A good option to create a more boho elegant look whilst avoiding aching feet at the end of the day

  3. Flats To be elegant during those chilly nights

Ocre-coloured facade of a small house with pink, turquoise and purple carpets hanging from its balcony


As a travel and interior design blogger, I never go on a trip without my camera and several SD cards.

Imagine, not being able to take that one great photo because you have no more space left on your current SD cards?!

I also always pack my phone and its cable charger.

And let’s not forget the vital international power adapter to make sure you can plug all your electronic devices!

A large suitcase

Last but not least, if you’re like me an interior design freak, Morocco is your shopping heaven! Therefore, take the biggest suitcase you own – you’ll be bringing back tons of souvenirs!

Neon-coloured clutch bags and baskets

That’s it! You’re now set to discover mystical Morocco with my ideal Morocco packing list.

If you have any questions or further doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Sand and red-coloured arch facing a cobbled street

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