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One whimsical B&B in rural Provence

Dernière mise à jour : 19 mars

Helping you plan your summer 2020 holiday in Greece triggered my craving to share more inspirational interiors and home decor ideas with you. One of the first places that came to my mind is a whimsical B&B in rural Provence: La Ferme des Sablons.

Picture of a bright blue staircase with some art hanging above as well as a bamboo straw basket on the stairs and a skate leaning against it

I stayed in this funky B&B a few years ago, during a trip to rural Provence, and have debated sharing my secret with you ever since (just kidding 😉). Nonetheless, as soon as I stepped into this place, I was transported to vintage and flea-market decor heaven!

When you arrive at La Ferme, you’re first welcomed by the lush Mediterranean garden, full of lavender bushes (of course) and rose trees. Then, in the background, you’ll notice the poetic swimming pool, waiting for you to take a dip in.

Picture of a table and two chairs on white/beige pebble stones and a pool in the background

There are only three bedrooms in this B&B, all with a quirky yet different style. Given my passion with rattan furniture, I am obsessed with the Paille room.

Picture of two sun-shaped rattan mirrors on a white wall

Let’s speak about the main interior living spaces: living room and dining room. Where to start?! There are so many details and collections packed into these rooms. It’s hard to know where to look first! However, the first thing that stands out are the gorgeous Italian tiles covering all the floor. Their sage/red/dove grey and mustard yellow colours set the tone for the whole interior decor.

I also really love the mix of elements scattered around these two living spaces. The books, the mirrors, the traditional Provence cicada… it all feels so collected over time. It has a sense of story, which is something I look for in a home or a hotel.

Picture of many terracota cicada pinned to a beige board above a small fireplace
Two pictures in one. On the left side, picture of a lamp made of a world map and iron photo stand. On the right side, picture of a white sofa standing before a big white shelf

Frédérique Calamel, the owner, created a unique, whimsical hideaway in the heart of Provence. Are you as inspired by I am!?


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