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Luxury stay in Lima: boutique hotel Villa Barranco

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Are you an interior design fanatic, planning a trip to Lima, Peru but having no clue where to stay? Look no more, I might have found the perfect place for you: Boutique hotel Villa Barranco!

Two of my biggest passions are travelling and interior design. When I travel, I’m always looking for ways to combine both. My recent trip to Peru was no exception.

  • Where did I stay?

I stayed at Boutique hotel Villa Barranco. I came across this hotel after (painful) hours browsing the Internet in search of the perfect boutique hotel. But how rewarding this quest was! Villa Barranco was my home away from home. I loved it so much, I decided to whip up a guide to share my secret with you.

Front view of 1920s aqua coloured building gated by a high white fence and fuchsia and red flowers

Located in the boho/artsy district of Barranco, the “Villa Italiana-style” building (one of Lima’s typical architectural styles) that houses Villa Barranco was originally built in the 1920s as a summer residence for a wealthy Lima family. The current owner – Patricio, who also owns Peruvian-based boutique hotel brand Ananay – acquired it in 2015 and decided to convert it into a hotel.

Close up view of lush green garden with a small wooden bench in the bottom

  • Why stay in this hotel?

When Patricio had Villa Barranco in mind, he wanted to create a place that felt more like a home than a hotel. And it’s exactly the feeling I got as soon as I pulled in! It felt more like arriving at a friend’s summer house.

wooden chair and small wooden table on a dark blue, white, yellow and red carpet in a white and dove gray room

What gives this homey, intimate feeling to the hotel is not only its size (it has only 9 rooms) but mainly its interior decor. Every single corner is tastefully decorated, with a mix of quirky vintage objects, local handicraft and plush fabrics.

The entire hotel has a very peaceful vibe, amplified by the lush, exotic garden surrounding the house.

picture of a living room with a dark green leather sofa, persian red carpet, wood furniture, massive blue piece of art hanging above the sofa and French windows opening on a garden
picture of two rainbow coloured traditional Peruvian hats on a couchside table

As for the bedrooms, they all are decorated in different colour palettes and have either a garden view or an ocean view. I loved my “room with a view”! I had my own little private terrace where I could unwind contemplating the sea after a full day of exploring Lima.

picture of a bedroom with a four poster bed, wood furniture and a door opening on an ensuite bathroom
picture of a white bathroom with blue and black tiles and sink and door opening on a small terrace
stack of petrol blue, toile de jouy, beige and white cushions on a bed
picture of a pink and white themed bedroom with and a door opening on a garden

And if you don’t have your own terrace, they’ve an elegant tropical-inspired rooftop bar. There you can sip your cocktail watching the sunset, leaning against banana leaves printed cushions.

Picture of a rooftop bar with golden coloured wood furniture, lots of greenery and banana leaves printed cushion

The only minor critic I have is about isolation. Although the original house was fully renovated, they kept all the original fixtures such as the windows and shutters. As you can imagine, these are not made for colder weather or loud exterior noise, making it sometimes a bit difficult to fall asleep or feel warm.

  • In a nutshell: the perfect oasis

A little oasis tucked away from Lima’s hustle and bustle, Villa Barranco is the perfect launchpad for museum browsing and restaurant hopping in Barranco. Plus, their staff is extremely helpful & service-oriented (the second night I stayed there I was still super jet-lagged and didn’t have the energy to go out for dinner, so the reception manager ordered an Uber Eats meal using his personal account as I didn’t have the app).

And I’ve exclusive news for you: Patricio has bought the twin villa next to Villa Barranco (who was built by the same original owners) to restore it and increase the numbers of rooms available. The updated version of the hotel is planned for 2020.

Front view of two 1920s buildings, one aqua and one mustard coloured gated by a high white fence and fuchsia and red flowers

So, if you end up staying there on your next trip to Lima, let me know your impressions! And if you need further recommendations or if you’ve questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch, either here on my blog or on my Instagram.


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