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How to tastefully stage a tiny rental flat?

Dernière mise à jour : 19 mars

Happy New Year! OK, now that odd 2020 is finally behind us, I thought I’d start off this new blogging season with some decorative inspiration sprinkled with a bit of travelling. Let’s fly to New York and see how to tastefully stage a tiny rental flat, shall we?

Not all of us can afford living in (big) individual houses either for financial motives or simply because of the area we live in. However, living in a rented flat doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself at home by personalising the décor. The tenant of this tiny NYC flat shows us how to tastefully stage a tiny rental flat with flair and elegance.

  • Make the most of every centimetre of available space

Like in all small houses, the tenant took advantage of every centimetre of this flat and therefore each space has double purposes.

  • Be mindful of storage space

Another key piece of advice when decorating a tiny flat, is to be mindful of storage space. Hence, when you choose your furniture, pick pieces with drawers and height. Another good tip is to buy plenty of storage boxes to hide under your bed or sofa.

  • Use different materials to create perspective

Picture of a bedroom with a bold black, white and blush wallpaper behind a bed covered with charcoal, blush pink and white linens

Finally, if you dare or if your landlord agrees, using different materials on your walls and floors will add visual interests and perspective to your flat.

Décor ideas to keep in mind

There are so many details I find so graceful in this flat! My two favourite decor ideas to keep in mind are:

  1. The peel and stick wallpaper in the bedroom. In addition to being an eye-catching decorative element, it adds some perspective to a room making it appear wider;

  2. The subtle and neutral décor used throughout the flat. Painting several walls with subtle, earthy hues makes spaces appear wider and uncluttered.

So, what do you think of how this tiny rental flat has been staged!? Would love to hear your comments or even testimonies of how you staged your own tiny flat! And for further decorative inspiration, check the rest of my blog! Exx

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