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Explore Paris in the winter: 3 unique things to do

Dernière mise à jour : 19 mars

Travelling to Paris is never a bad idea. But usually you plan a trip to the French capital between April and September, when the temperatures are above 15° Celsius. However, Paris in the winter can also be full of surprises!

As I stayed in Paris a couple of weeks ago, with this post, I want to share with you a few of the things you can do in this city during winter.

Picture of a large square surrounded by sand coloured buildings and with a tall blue-bronze column in the middle of the square

1.Eat a lot of yummy French food

I mean, of course, when you’re in France you cannot skip stuffing your belly full of delicious food. This country’s gastronomy is just mind-blowing! While in Paris, I tried out three new restaurants:

  • Le brebant – This round-the-clock bar-bistro serves traditional French cuisine, aka snails with garlic butter, Foie Gras, steak tartare, oysters and so on. Additionally, the decor is stunning! Think French “Belle Époque” meets jungle.

  • Poni – This restaurant also serves traditional French dishes but with a modern twist. I had a delicious lamb tajine with candied lemon. And once again, the interior design is impeccable! Think industrial style meets the fifties/sixties, with lots of bright colours.

  • Jaja – This one was my favourite! It’s like an adorable small urban garden. Located in a courtyard, amongst lush greenery and hidden from the main street. It serves modern French cuisine prepared with seasonal, local and organic products. Yummy!

Picture of six cooked snails in a large white plate on a restaurant plate

2.Home decor shopping

OK, I’m a little biased here, as I have a soft spot for interior design. While the temperatures were a bit cold, I decided to explore three of the many home decor boutiques I had bookmarked. FYI – On my next visit, I’ll explore some others 😉

Many colourful Tiny Eiffel Towers keyholders

  • The Socialite Family – Originally, this brand was founded in 2013 by Constance Gennari as her outlet to share her passion for home decor. Fast-forward to 2017, she opened her very own home decor shop in the heart of Paris. I loved the vibe of this shop as soon as I stepped in! Vibrant colours, sophisticated fabrics and super friendly staff. The Socialite Family is a go-to destination if you’re looking to add an elegant-designer-look alike touch to your home, at an affordable price.

  • Merci – No trip to Paris is complete without a stop at this Aladdin’s cave! I had heard a lot about this concept store created in 2009 and my oh my I was not disappointed! Merci, is filled with the best mix of clothing, houseware, jewellery and gifts. There is no way you’ll leave this shop without buying even the smallest item!

Colourful cotton bags and pencil cases with the word Merci glued on them

  • Anthropologie – I was already a fan of this uber-famous chain, selling boho-chic women wear, shoes, accessories & home decor. It opened its first-ever Paris store last year and, as with every Anthropologie store, I wanted to move in and buy every single item! It’s so pretty!

  • On my next visit to Paris I already know which shop is high on my bucket list: Fleux. On my way to Jaja, I passed this concept store made of 6 different boutiques, all located in the trendy Marais neighbourhood. I didn’t have enough time to explore Fleux (darn!), however, it seemed like a perfect place to find an original present, home decoration and design furniture.

3.Muse around secret spots

Of course when in Paris, shopping and eating are not the only things you can do. In fact, it would be a shame not to walk around town, despite the cold temperatures! The city is full of off-the-beaten-path secret alleys, courtyards, green spots waiting to be found. 

Young blonde woman wearing a black cap, green coat and golden ankle boots crossing white zebra crossings

On this visit, I decided to stay in a different, lesser-trampled yet uniquely spirited neighbourhood: the 9th arrondissement. To wander amongst its streets is to uncover an alternative narrative of Paris, away from the city’s popular image. Head down one street, and you’ll happen upon a vibrant street full of tiny eateries and grocery stores, or take the second left, and you’ll find yourself in the quaintest of streets. The 9th arrondissement is also home to a handful of theatres and pocket-size concert halls, ideal to get your fix of culture.

Picture of a street with sand-coloured buildings bordering it and white zebra crossings

Picture of a medium sized building with a red windmill on top of it and surrounded by two tall sized white-coloured buildings

Speaking of culture, while musing around this hood, I stumbled upon the most adorable museum“ le Musée de la vie romantique”. Sadly, it was closed, but it’s now on my bucket list for my next visit! Set up in a 19th century mansion, explore this small museum if you want to see something less traditional than the Louvre or the “Musée d’Orsay”. 


What’s your favourite time to visit Paris? Would love to hear about it! Exx

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