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Discovering Solothurn

Dernière mise à jour : 18 mars

360 view of the baroque city of Solothurn

Here we’re my first article on my very own blog!! I’m torn between excitement and nervousness! First and foremost, I’ve decided to start this content sharing journey for me, because I love writing and travelling and all those little things in between that make life, but still, it’s fairly stressful to put yourself out there in the wild wild blogosphere…!

Anyway, enough self-examination and let’s get started with the first travel post of this blog, about… SOLOTHURN!

Who said you needed to travel abroad to discover some hidden gems?! As last Monday was a bank holiday, I decided to go on a little adventure exploring Switzerland and as I had wanted to discover Solothurn for a while, I picked this location. One may ask, “why Solothurn?” Indeed, it’s not a city famous for its exciting social scene (even within the country). It’s however very well-known for its baroque architecture. One reason enough for me to visit this city.

The little city (about 17’000 inhabitants) of Solothurn is about 90 minutes away from where I live and oh my was I surprised?! The quaint little pastel houses, the tiny secret gardens and beautiful baroque churches… BEAUTIFUL!! Who knew there was such a charming little pastel city in Switzerland? I certainly didn’t. I even found out a fun fact about the city: did you know that Solothurn’s holy number is 11?! There are 11 museums, fountains, chapels and churches, and a clock with a dial that only shows 11 hours…

The only bad thing about this one-day adventure was the weather. It was mainly rainy and fairly chilly, which is a pity as it may have taken away some magic. However, we found an old local restaurant which had been completely refurbished to grab a bite and shelter ourselves from the rain, which we really appreciated.

Anyway, Solothurn is really a hidden gem and I can only advise you to plan a trip to this city!

See you soon!

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